A four letter word.
A four letter word, that has the
ability to destroy one’s life. A small
thing, that holds great power. A feeling,
which, after being felt, begins to grow and
begins to numb all other senses. Everyone
wishes on hope, not knowing what a dangerous
device it is. Hope: the most elaborate method of
self harm. It comes in waves, giving yopu a glimpse
into an alternative universe, made up completely of
what you want. What you wish. And somewhere within
us, we know that this may never happen. But yet we still
hope. Hope is like a drug. In the right amount of doses,
it can be productive, healthy, even. But hope a
little too much, and you spiral down into an
abyss of lost dreams and wishes.
And nobody realises,
that the smallest
things may have
the most control
over them.

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