Years later, she’ll walk into that very bar, the one they used to visit every Thursday, and he’ll be sitting there in the corner, nursing a gin and vodka. He’ll look up, he’ll notice her, because that’s the type of aura she gives off. She’ll be with her friends smiling, glowing, happy and he will regret. He will regret the fact that 7 years ago, he fucked up one too many times. He will regret that he didn’t love her like she deserved to be loved. He’ll regret ending it. 
He’ll remember the state he left her in. He’ll remember how broken she was and all the missed calls and messages. He’ll remember that he destroyed her. 

And he’ll wonder. He’ll wonder who makes her happy now and who wakes up next to her in the morning and who kisses her to sleep every night. 

He’ll notice that she doesn’t notice him and he’ll look down at his drink

And he’ll sigh. 


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