Bucket List

  1. Travel to 100 places.
  2. Become famous.
  3. Have first kiss.
  4. Kiss in the rain.
  5. Pull an all nighter.
  6. Go stargazing with someone I love.
  7. Donate blood.
  8. Get an apartment in New York.
  9. Be a vegan for a week.
  10. Travel with friends.
  11. Travel alone.
  12. Go for Warped.
  13. Skydive.
  14. Find a four leaf clover.
  15. Go for “Day of the Dead”, Mexico.
  16. Go for Mardi Gras.
  17. Learn how to play the ukulele.
  18. Fly first class.
  19. Write a list of 99 things that make me happy.
  20. Make a friend from a different country while traveling.
  21. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
  22. Get a Corgi.
  23. Make somebody’s day.
  24. Get a tattoo.
  25. Surf.
  26. Be involved in a food fight.
  27. Go camping with only friends.
  28. Go bungee jumping.
  29. Slow dance in the rain.
  30. Ride in a gondola in Venice.
  31. Camp on the beach.
  32. Sleep outside under the stars.
  33. Watch a meteor shower.
  34. Watch the sunrise/sunset on a beach.
  35. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  36. Do the 30 day Letter challenge.
  37. Go skiing.
  38. Go for a long drive alone.
  39. Throw a mega party.
  40. Go backpacking across Europe.
  41. Learn Spanish.
  42. Smoke a cigarette
  43. Try Marijuana
  44. Get drunk.
  45. Learn how to drive.
  46. Go for a party on a yacht.
  47. Fly in a private jet.
  48. Fly in a helicopter.
  49. Get a belly-button piercing.
  50. Drink BLK water.
  51. Go to a deserted island for a day.
  52. Travel with my significant other.
  53. Get married.
  54. Fall in love.
  55. Do modeling.
  56. Go hand-gliding.
  57. Go skinny dipping.